Bekijk Volledige Versie : Trackmania Racing Coaster

22-12-17, 12:43

After The VAULT which is featuring the FALLOUT franchise, I am currently working on a coaster that is also themed to a known franchise. I try to capture the TRACKMANIA style as detailed as possible to guarantee a great ride experience for all TRACKMANIA fans as well as coaster fans. TRACKMANIA plaza is the main stage for all racing fans. You can spot a hand made TRACKMANIA racing car as well as many hidden TM things. Furthermore you can find the entrance of Trackmania Racing Coaster, the e-ticket ride of that area. If you want to buy a Souvenir, go to the Trackmania shop and make your wishes come true. Trackmania racing coaster is a high speed launch coaster manufactured by Intamin with a total height of 60 meters (~200 feet) and a top speed of 130 km/h (~80 mph). The TRACKMANIA area will be filled with some more offerings. Of course, the main attraction and e-ticket ride will be the Trackmania Racing Coaster but if you want to buy some souvenir then head to the merchandise shop. If you are hungry enter the Racing Restaurant. If you want to experience the TRACKMANIA franchise or if you have a general question you can find the answers in the information center. Due to the Trackmania racing coaster track I tried to design a Trackmania themed racing track that´s close to the original style of the games. Next to the launch part there is a platform to observe the launch action. Every 60 seconds a car will be launched.


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by RCT D!

22-12-17, 13:15
Wederom, prachtig!

22-12-17, 14:30
Qua theming ziet het er goed uit en heel herkenbaar. Enkel de tophat valt er wat buiten. Ik had gehoopt op meer stunt momenten, maar juist het compacte/kleine van de coaster maakt dat het werkt voor dit thema denk ik.

24-12-17, 16:05
Super spel en knap gemaakte coaster.
Ik heb me gisteren zelf planet coaster aangeschaft; Ik ben benieuwd of ik ook zo iets ga klaar krijgen binnen afzienbare tijd :-)

26-12-17, 16:03
Wow! De gratis versie van TrackMania (Nations Forever) is een van de enige spellen die ik op mijn laptop heb staan, ik ben fan. :p