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    From Big Bang Smurf to Walygator Grand-Est

    Hello all !

    I'm a French parkfan, and I'm part of Waly'Gazette, a fanpage (and also a website) about Walygator's actuality. Few months ago, we launched a new website about Walygator's history that called "Les Archives du Nouveau Monde", related to the name of the initial project "Le Nouveau Monde des Schtroumpfs".

    On this website, we retrace the history of the park, from Big Bang Smurf to Walygator Grand-Est, with many unpublished documents. I invite you to go see for yourself: http://www.lanm.fr

    I just registered on your forum today because a lot of Belgian parkfans have visited the park in the past. So, i wanted to know if someone of you still had documents from the past of the park (from Big Bang Smurf to the beginning of Walygator ideally). Don't hesitate to answer this post, or contact us by our social networks: Waly'Gazette (Twitter or Facebook).

    Thank you very much in advance. I hope I put this topic in the right category.

    Have a good evening,


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    Re: From Big Bang Smurf to Walygator Grand-Est

    I downloaded these some time ago from the internet, I don't remember where...

    Naam:     1.jpg
Bekeken:  388
Groote:   599,0 KB

    Naam:     2.jpg
Bekeken:  429
Groote:   560,1 KB

    Naam:     3.jpg
Bekeken:  320
Groote:   269,8 KB

    Naam:     4.jpg
Bekeken:  394
Groote:   301,7 KB
    Volg LEX, LEE & Family op YouTube... https://www.youtube.com/lexleefamily

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    Re: From Big Bang Smurf to Walygator Grand-Est

    Thanks a lot !

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